Dear Internets,

album1I don’t have too many baby photos but for one album that seems to document a very select portion of my childhood. I’m certain if I had an older sibling, it would be just enough ammunition to speculate that I was adopted if I didn’t look exactly like my aunty. The point is, I love having these photos when many people don’t and in the hopes of securing this for my children, I have been on the hunt for a baby album.


Who would have thought that such an obvious object and gift idea would be so elusive but is it too much to ask for an album that is larger than a pocketbook, somewhat cute and has spaces for a few notable notes? Apparently it is. Ugly pocket slips are all I seem to be finding and it’s sort of wearing me down. I have to admit, when it comes to buying a diary for the year (something we discussed on here) & Baby albums, it seems Kikki-k is the only one showing up to the party. At $49.95 their Bebis book is a little on the pricey side but after chatting with my mum, it seems it wasn’t all that easier 10 years ago. Have we lost the joys of printing out photos? I hope notalbum2



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