Dear Internets,

ekoorbsnaveblogspotI know nesting is normal but it seems mine when it comes to constructing our nursery, has become irrational. I have a cot, a change table and comfy chair – all necessary items. Somehow I have also managed to convince myself that a teepee for a child yet to be born fits into the “need” rather than “want” category. Thank goodness I opened with this ridiculous concept first so the Mr had fewer questions about why we needed a bassinet with a giant opulent mosquito net considering we live in a big Australian city, not the Congo, & already have fly net on all our windows and doors.


I’ve even gone Pinterest crazy on study spaces and the poor dear hasn’t even taken it’s first breath. Thank being said, don’t ever tell me men don’t have a “same same but different” reaction. Mine’s already trying to figure out with side of the back yard would be best for batting versus bowling and where the soccer goal posts should go. At least, given the diversity of our interests, we’re more likely to have a well rounded family. Has anyone else out there made a preemptive ridiculous purchase yet? If not, let me assure you, it’s coming!


oh Joy

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