Dear Internets,


Growing up, my shoes were always way bigger than they needed to be. A game of kick ball would often result in not only the ball clearing the playground, but one of my shoes hitting an innocent child on the way. This was my mums vain attempt to cut down costs on my footwear, constantly saying “you’ll grow into it“. Unless I’ve suddenly become a beanstalk, there was no way I was growing into them before I had destroyed my shoes to oblivion. I’m not sure how I managed by somehow the soles would eventually fall off or if they were particularly uncomfortable, they would get banished under my bed for my mum to find several years later.


If I had cute little campers like these, I don’t think it would be such a problem. Leather, cute and comfortable to boot, the pattering of these little feet around town won’t have you cringing about another trip to the shoe store. Their collection is so sweet and while I’ve found plenty of adorable girls shoes in my time, boys shoes always seemed lacking. Then I saw these little blue suede shoes. Such a perfect idea, Elvis wrote a song about it. Is it wrong for me to want to put my husband in a matching pair?


For the girls, I loved the twins collection, with each pair coming in a non identical but matching theme. Great way to teach the kids left from right and also avoids you cramming the left shoe on your daughters right foot and then feeling like a terrible parent when they finally confess they have cramps in their feet. Ah! now I can enjoy shoe shopping when the rest of the family is involved and just think, I won’t have to hide the evidence afterwards



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