Dear Internets,431901_10151435715558335_1437659486_n

Awkward introductions. If you’ve ever been to BrightGreenLaces.com we might be able to skip this step. My name is PixelHazard & I am founder, editor and one of the contributors to the above mentioned Australian based style and fashion blog. So if I’ve already got a blog(narcissist much?)…what’s this place about? Essentially the difference is BrightGreenLaces.com is about Style and Fashion. It’s about instagram-ing cake while being surrounded by people who eat salad.

Now that I’m pregnant, I (unashamedly)EAT CAKE. It turns out that being pregnant is consuming, neurotic and research intensive so I wanted this to be a place where you could feel better about your neurosis in company. WELCOME! You can look forward to inspirational images of work-spaces that look way too tidy to be real, tasty lazy recipes, information about new products for you and your family and general “don’t do what I did” musings. It’s so lovely to meet you


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